The worlds climate and ecosystems are on the verge of collaps. Nature is dying and so are people. Especially people in the poor countries, who did not cause the destruction but are suffering the most. The rich world does not understand the gravity of the problem, they do not want to solve it, and the last thing what they want is to pay the incredible climate debt to the poor countries. Climate change is having more negative impact on the ecosystems and living environment in the global south. The rich world experiences less impact, and they have more money to adapt. So the poor suffer more, and cannot invest in mitigation and adaptation. The rich became rich by burning the fossil fuel, keeping the global south poor, and now they want to get away with it. I can know, because I am one of those rich people and I know them very well. So I urgently tell you, do not expect anything from the rich world. You have to fight for it, peacefully, using your large scale. You are 5 billion people, you have the resources. At the official climate conference in Copenhagen, COP15, in december this year, there will be no reasonable outcome. I urgently advise all poor countries, DO NOT SIGN! The agreements in the UNFCC are not good for climate and not good for developing countries. We need URGENT measures, not vague statements and promises. We need to stop deforestation NOW. Why wait? We need CONCRETE steps to cut down on fossil fuel and aim for maximum CO2 concentration in the atmosphere of maximum 350 ppm. That means something like reducing use of fossil fuels by 3% (or more) per year, on the base of current usage, going down in a straight line, so stop completely using fossil fuels in about 30 years. That is reality. We need to provide large sums of money from the rich to the poor, over $500 billion per year. It is the payment of the biggest fraud in history, economics call it externalization or market failure. Klimaforum09 will be the paralel conference of the people of the world in Copenhagen from 7 december till 18 december. You can join the discussion at www.klimaforum09.org or come to Copenhagen and join.
map of G77