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  • A Proposal on World Climate, Justice and Biodiversity.

    Ecology Economy Equity.

    Facts and Visions on avoiding The Planet Going Down The Drain

    Read "The Alternative Copenhagen Agreement" (pdf)

    It is my contribution on developing concrete alternatives to the UNFCCC negotations.
    It is personal, although based on known ideas from scientists in the fields of economy, ecology and justice.
    I would like to discuss it with everybody. Especially, I plan to be at the Klimaforum09.

    It is about two main points:

    1. Put a global tax on fossil fuel at the source. Put this tax in a fund managed by the UN. Pay the money on a per capita base to countries.

    This way:
    - large sums of money will be transfered from rich to poor;
    - This money should be used for mitigation, preserving nature and adaptation;
    - All products based on fossil fuel will be getting more expensive.

    2. Reduce production of fossil fuel by X% per year, like 3% to start with.

    Things are getting really bad. We have to do one thing: close the valves at the production sites. Nothing else worked. There is no time for experiments.


    CO2 concentration in the asmosphere should be reduced to 350 ppm.

    The amount of money payed by rich to poor countries should be in the order of around a trillion dollars per year during a certain period.

    The negotiations are completely stuck. If anyone has a better concrete solution, let me know.

    - Hugo Beunder